Below is a list of resources that I’ve found helpful on my rope journey.


Definitely not a complete list!

Growly –

Growly’s Girl –

Phoenix_Flight –

Quartz Qunt –

Gaelle –

Red Riding Brat –

Will Hunt –

Christian Red –

Hiigara –

Mili-ficent –


Complete Shibari Vol. 1: Land – Douglas Kent

Complete Shibari Vol. 2: Air – Douglas Kent

Shibari You Can Use – Lee Harrington

More Shibari You Can Use – Lee Harrington

Ropes, Bondage & Power – Lee Harrington

Venues & Groups

Oxford Rope Bight

Peer Reading (Yes, I teach here, but I also learn here!)

UKREx (UK Rope Exchange)

Studio Kokoro


Crash Restraint –