Pronouns and the Like

Pronoun Check! Here’s what I prefer you use for me.
It/its – No
She/her – No
He/him – Yes
They/them – Yes
Neo-pronouns – No
Mr. – Yes
Mx. – Don’t Mind
Miss – No
Ms – No
Sir – either if you don’t know my name and being polite; or if you are subbing for me. Just don’t use it to create a dynamic that isn’t there.
Ma’am – No
Dude – Yes
Bro/bruh – No
Sis – No
Sib – No
Woman – No
Person – No
Man – Yes
Boy – Sure
Girl – No
Gurl – No
King – No
Queen – No
Prince – No
Princess – No
Captain – No – Can’t go stealing that title from the other Simon!
Lady – No
Feminine compliments (pretty, beautiful, etc) – Sure
Masculine compliments (handsome, etc) – Sure
Neutral compliments (attractive, etc)- Sure
Honey, Sweety, etc -Yes